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Public Notices

Greenwood & Southside Challenger

Franklin Challenger

January 26, 2011





Notice is hereby given that the Greenwood ("City") Redevelopment Commission (the "Commission") will hold a public hearing on Additional Appropriation Resolution 2011-01 at 4:30 p.m., February 8, 2011, at the Greenwood City Building, 2 North Madison Avenue, Greenwood, Indiana. The Commission has established the Greenwood Eastside Economic Development Area and the Fry Road/U.S. Hwy. 31 Economic Development Area ("Areas") in order to undertake the economic development of the Areas as described in the Development Plans for the Areas, including the expenses related to the street, sanitary sewer, and drainage infrastructure improvements, fire station site acquisition and construction, and providing economic development incentives for the attraction of new development to the Eastside Economic Development Area, and incidental expenses incurred in connection with the economic development of the Areas and costs associated with the issuance of the bonds and funding of debt service reserve funds, and reimbursements to the City for expenditures made by it for local public improvements in or serving the Areas (the "Costs of the Projects").

The purpose of the public hearing is to consider the appropriation of an amount not to exceed $12,000,000 of funds on hand to be made available for the Costs of the Projects for the Greenwood Eastside Economic Development Area and an amount not to exceed $2,700,000 of funds on hand to be made available for the Costs of the Projects for the Fry Road/U.S. Hwy. 31 Economic Development Area.

Dated the 26th day of January, 2011.

Stephen K. Watson, Attorney for the

Greenwood Redevelopment Commission


11014 1/26



Notice is hereby given that the Pleasant Township Trustee and the Pleasant Township Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed disposal (sale or lease) of certain real property and improvements owned by Pleasant Township located at 60 and 60˝ North Railroad Street, Whiteland, Indiana. The property generally consists of a 1,249 s.f. office building constructed in 1953, an approximately 2,165 s.f. masonry building originally constructed in 1960, and 0.3031 acres of land, more or less. The sale or lease of the property will include the right of access to and from North Railroad Street. The public hearing will be held at the office of the Pleasant Township Trustee located at 70 North Railroad Street, Whiteland, Indiana on February 15, 20-11, at 6:00 p.m.

Mary Ann Powell

Pleasant Township Trustee

G11015 1/26



Property owners and interested parties are hereby notified that the following No Parking ordinance, Greenwood Common Council Ordinance No. 10-44, was passed by the Greenwood Common Council on January 17, 2011, and signed by the Mayor.




WHEREAS, the City of Greenwood has the authority to adopt ordinances regulating parking on the streets and public rights-of-way within its jurisdiction pursuant to IC 9-21-1-2 and 3; and

WHEREAS, a request has been submitted to the Greenwood Common Council that parking be prohibited on the south side of Sugar Maple Drive eastward from Sawgrass Lane; on the east side of Vinewood Drive; on the North side of Burning Bush Drive eastward from Butternut Lane to the beginning of the cul-de-sac and on the West side of Butternut Lane, in the Copperfield Subdivision in the City of Greenwood because the parking of vehicles on either side of the street creates an unsafe traveling condition; and

WHEREAS, the City of Greenwood has conducted an investigation and it has been recommended that parking be prohibited on the south side of Sugar Maple Drive eastward from Sawgrass Lane; on the east side of Vinewood Drive; on the North side of Burning Bush Drive eastward from Butternut Lane to the beginning of the cul-de-sac; and on the West side of Butternut Lane, in the Copperfield Subdivision within the City of Greenwood, and that said portions of said streets should be designated as a "No Parking" zone,


Section 1: The Greenwood Municipal Code, Chapter 2, Article 6, Sec. 2-38, as amended, is hereby amended to designate "No Parking" on the south side of Sugar Maple Drive eastward from Sawgrass Lane; on the east side of Vinewood Drive; on the North side of Burning Bush Drive eastward from Butternut Lane to the beginning of the cul-de-sac; and on the West side of Butternut Lane, in the Copperfield Subdivision within the City of Greenwood and to place the same within the schedule of ordinances and code provisions listed within the Ordinance Violations Bureau with the stated specific civil penalty of Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) (for the first violation within a calendar year), and which amendment reads as follows:

(a) The Greenwood Common Council hereby designates no parking, Civil Penalty - $15.00, on the south side of Sugar Maple Drive eastward from Sawgrass Lane; on the east side of Vinewood Drive; on the North side of Burning Bush Drive eastward from Butternut Lane to the beginning of the cul-de-sac; and on the West side of Butternut Lane, in the Copperfield Subdivision within the City of Greenwood limits;

(b) The Greenwood Common Council hereby directs the marking by signs or otherwise of the parking restrictions in the appropriate locations in accordance with subsection (a) above and in accordance with the Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Section 2. This Ordinance does not affect any other sections of the Greenwood Municipal Code, as amended, or other ordinances except as herein provided and all other sections of the Code and other ordinances shall remain the same.

Section 3. The sections, paragraphs, sentences, clauses, phrases and words of this Ordinance are separable, and if any word, phrase, clause, sentence, paragraph or section of this Ordinance shall be declared unconstitutional, invalid or unenforceable by the valid judgment or decree of a Court of competent jurisdiction, such unconstitutionality, invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect any of the remaining phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs and sections of this Ordinance.

Section 4. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication according to law.

Passed by the Common Council of the City of Greenwood, Indiana, this 17th day of January, 2011.

Brent Corey

President, Greenwood Common Council


Ronald Bates

Brent Corey

Ronald Deer

Tim McLaughlin

Bruce Armstrong

Monica Magna

Linda S. Gibson


Jeannine Myers


The foregoing within and attached Ordinance passed by the Common Council of the City of Greenwood, Indiana, on the 17th day of January, 2011, is presented by this 17th day of January, 2011, at 7:40 O’Clock P.M., to the Mayor of the City of Greenwood, Indiana.

Jeannine Myers, Clerk-Treasurer

The foregoing within and attached Ordinance passed by the Common Council of the City of Greenwood, Indiana, on the 17th day of January, 2011, is signed and approved by me this 17th day of January, 2011, at 7:41 O’Clock P.M.

CHARLES E. HENDERSON, Mayor of the City of Greenwood, Indiana

Remonstrance and appeal may be filed in the time and manner provided by law.

G11016 1/26


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Employee Name YTD Gross

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Abbott, David M $5,383.75

Abbott, Richard L $19,578.47

Abney, Christopher M $34,974.39

Abney, Christopher M $1,030.00

Adams, Jonathan R $29,537.01

Albsmeyer, Ange $2,705.00

Alexander, Mark $50,544.20

Allanson, Karen S $10,053.38

Allen, Chad A $46,268.19

Allen, Christopher D $15,142.68

Allen, Christopher D $21,093.10

Allen, Jason T $31,002.32

Allison, Reid J $25,434.30

Ammerman, Jason L $27,315.60

Ammerman, Jason L $2,888.08

Andis, Loretta A $984.00

Ankney, Cody M $36,593.63

Annis, Nathanial J $30,653.17

Arkenberg, Kilynn M $4,210.00

Arthur, Lonnie R $29,196.56

Arthur, Robert P $26,101.81

Ashley, Jr, Thomas W $37,272.46

Bailey, Andrew S $3,757.26

Bailey, Joseph L $1,895.25

Bailey, Joseph L $40,568.98

Bailey, Julie A $37,098.52

Baird, Ryan J $10,284.48

Baker, Debra S $13,662.00

Ballenger, Jacqueline M $2,317.50

Ballenger, Jacqueline M $12,137.50

Barger, Janice A $25,674.85

Barham, Sarah J $31,988.58

Barham, Sarah J $150.00

Barker, Christa M $29,023.88

Barker, Murray C $8,829.96

Barnes, Mary A $21,046.58

Barnhart, Andrew J $47,775.37

Barrick, Shannon L $40,940.45

Barrow, Phillip R $2,402.00

Bartlett, Ryan D $46,634.13

Batta, Daniel P $23,704.27

Baumer, Keena M $180.00

Bayless, Donna S $393.75

Bayless, Terry D $43,271.17

Bayless, Terry D $900.00

Belser, Ted D $45,099.08

Bennett, Brandon C $30,588.10

Benyon, Christopher M $33,326.66

Beretta, Therese $2,018.29

Berry, Michael J $4,288.55

Berry, Michael J $8,549.89

Bertelsen, Jerry R $29,787.13

Bigelow, Claudia $30,345.45

Bills, Richard B $33,856.78

Bingham, Jon S $26,826.95

Birdcell, Helen L $4,683.50

Black, Jeffrey G $29,374.43

Black, Jeffrey G $10,623.89

Blackburn, Nancy K $2,497.50

Blaker, Richard D $34,190.15

Bland, Melinda S $23,998.80

Bland, Ryan K $38,518.48

Bland, Ryan K $19,447.58

Blankenship, Brian J $44,239.31

Blankenship, Daniel J $29,230.80

Blankenship, Jon N $28,069.69

Blue, Denise A $29,727.32

Blue, Robert H $25,962.42

Bolt, Jerald M $18,923.32

Bonsett, John W $57,655.40

Bonsett, John W $1,370.00

Borges, John H $400.00

Borgman, Alex D $12,786.51

Boughton, Cynthia A $43,520.40

Bowers, Linda M $30,188.40

Bowman, James W $30,024.54

Boyce, Beth A $7,565.15

Bradford, William J $42,821.28

Bray, Maureen R $32,911.95

Brester, Kimberly J $30,637.65

Brewer, Lorene A $5,845.87

Bridges, Andrew J $15,199.39

Briggs, Amy B $30,980.25

Bright, Susan K $26,733.50

Bright, Susan K $653.83

Britt, Laura A $28,569.68

Broshears, Vickie $39,583.12

Brown, Joseph M $400.00

Brown, Raymond E $13,912.86

Brownfield, Dawn E $2,796.75

Brownfield, Dennis R $27,364.62

Bruther, Kristi R $47,930.72

Bryant, Bobbi J $38,639.37

Bryant, James H $44,367.28

Bunch, Nancy J $33,126.15

Bunch, Vickie J $33,884.85

Burchett, Dianna S $28,678.79

Burchett, Marvin J $24,954.91

Burdine, Dennis E $30,357.94

Burgess, Duane E $48,398.67

Burkhart, William T $33,299.09

Burks, Nichalas G $840.00

Burn, Sue A $42,375.45

Burn, Sue A $1,181.25

Burris, Cheryl E $24,040.35

Burton, Arcena $26,895.47

Burton, Joshua T $2,306.44

Burton, Pamela J $30,805.05

Butler, Christopher M $28,300.26

Butler, James M $1,465.00

Butler, James M $3,078.05

Butler, Kelly D $25,068.60

Byerly, Stephen L $55,425.32

Calhoun, Diane M $30,111.93

Canary, Charles W $500.00

Canary, Charles W $7,565.15

Caplinger, Robert D $7,169.35

Carlisle, Joyce A $31,374.28

Carney, Gregory J $26,319.41

Carpenter, Teresa K $33,333.31

Carter, Dwayne E $31,842.50

Carter, Melissa H $33,842.74

Cave, John D $44,178.59

Caviston, Dennis J $2,128.50

Chambers, Shannon L $9,918.30

Chambers, Shannon L $4,932.90

Chambers, Shannon L $32,252.10

Chandler, Joseph R $6,111.50

Chandler, Mary J $2,405.25

Chase, Rick L $500.00

Chastain, Kelly L $33,497.30

Childers, Deloris D $25,390.85

Clark, Joseph $44,118.99

Clark, Marla K $46,326.25

Clements, William R $29,185.11

Cline, Josh $37,366.42

Cochran Jr, Kirby $5,992.38

Cochran, Darrell E $29,182.07

Cochran, Kirby E $49,090.87

Coffman, Raymond E $787.50

Coleson, Harold A $32,760.08

Collier, Sarah E $535.50

Combest II, Charles R $36,975.15

Combs, Allen L $1,252.00

Combs, Derek W $17,774.30

Combs, Derek W $16,012.95

Connerly, Martha E $36,247.38

Cooper III, James I $30,286.00

Cooper, Bradley D $5,692.68

Corliss, Anthony V $49,819.87

Corliss, Joseph B $35,197.39

Corwin, Kimberly K $51,810.88

Corwin, Kimberly K $19,591.88

Covert , Teresa K $40.32

Covert , Teresa K $26,180.73

Cox, Douglas F $57,258.40

Cox, Douglas W $3,252.00

Cox, James E $47,121.60

Cox, James R $37,073.72

Cox, Julie A $13,396.50

Cox, Kathryn E $1,075.00

Cox, Tyler L $7,592.44

Crabtree, Jennifer L $2,887.49

Craig, Michael R $1,559.75

Crawford, Thomas P $30,099.48

Crocker, Robert C $31,711.52

Crockett, Adam M $30,823.50

Cromer, Jennifer K $28,643.63

Cross, Travis L $28,166.42

Cruser, William J $10,796.50

Cummins, Douglas B $65,953.07

Cummins, Douglas B $4,399.62

Cundiff, Brenna L $33,716.05

Cunningham, Mary J $29,825.75

Curry, Moss L $3,725.99

Dalby, Elizabeth A $3,509.13

Dana, Claire E $1,489.25

Daniels, Sandra F $796.50

Danielson, Alison E $29,757.45

Davis, Ami J $1,000.00

Davis, Ami J $38,087.30

Davis, Barbara M $43,436.58

Davis, Barbara M $1,347.45

Dehart, Troy A $200.00

Dehart, Troy A $22,607.33

Delp, Michael A $41,154.40

Derrett, Travis D $45,258.01

DeVault, Lisa I $44,214.15

DeVault, Lisa I $1,356.25

Devore, Larry W $33,577.88

Dilk, Elizabeth N $28,090.65

Doty, Marshell S $24,340.28

Dougherty, Matthew J $1,115.99

Dougherty, Ronald L $1,200.00

Drum, Mechelle $33,368.30

Duby, Alfred W $1,140.00

Duff, Miles J $28,797.70

Dunn, Christie G $31,248.98

Dunn, James E $26,166.87

Dunn, Jerry W $350.00

Dunn, Kristina G $1,151.75

Earnest, Michael R $29,128.81

Eastburn, Dawn $26,039.08

Eastburn, Ronald $950.00

Eck, Margaret H $38,005.95

Eck, Patricia L $24,800.87

Edwards, Daniel P $32,061.12

Edwards, Diane L $26,741.30

Edwards, Steve E $46,530.61

Eggers, Andrew C $33,159.02

Eineman, Shelby N $30,699.90

Eley, John S $250.00

Emery, David D $54,425.36

Emkes, Joshua M $754.19

Etter, Robert E $500.00

Eubanks, Craig S $32,431.89

Ewing, Susan R $3,591.00

Facemire, James R $520.00

Farr, Pamela J $33,949.75

Farris, Robert C $35,839.64

Faull, Danna C $18,181.19

Fearin-Hickman, Tammi L $1,284.92

Fearin-Hickman, Tammi L $27,925.18

Feyerabend, Sandra G $29,825.75

Fiddler, Eric J $33,981.85

Findley, Teena L $26,040.78

Findly, Suzanne B $390.00

Fisher, Andrew M $46,880.92

Fitzpatrick, Vincent B $3,266.97

Fleener, Caralana J $24,258.45

Flesher, Don A $32,688.13

Flint, Jason M $21,728.18

Flint, Jason M $21,093.10

Foley, Mary $35,453.09

Foster, Andrew K $70,354.20

Foster, Andrew K $2,500.00

Fouts, Tina J $150.00

Fox, Rhoda Y $1,410.50

Frank, Marcia K $32,911.95

Frazier, Eric D $1,507.50

Frazier, Rodney G $759.67

Frazier, Ronda J $33,444.32

Freshour, Donald G $27,897.70

Freshour, Donald G $2,823.45

Friel, Connie S $28,794.34

Fulp, Terry D $28,413.63

Fulps, Bethany $20,492.12

Gahimer, Mark A $6,321.97

Gallagher-Little, Maryann $2,317.40

Galyean, Darrin $1,111.11

Garland, Rebecca A $22,545.81

Gaskins, Thomas J $31,257.11

Gaughan, Sarah E $3,701.25

Gault, Jena M $60.69

Gault, Jena M $26,600.88

Gaunt, Joseph D $5,479.97

Gaunt, Joseph D $65,095.85

Gervasio, William E $1,150.00

Gharst, Cleon E $4,913.13

Glisson, Karen R $32,911.95

Goeb, Elizabeth N $24,255.24

Gold, Morgan E $50.00

Gold, Morgan E $712.00

Golden, Clinton O $27,431.32

Gombach, Joseph M $21,758.41

Gonterman, Megan R $21,548.17

Gordon, Andrew M $49,174.87

Graham, Christina L $1,500.00

Graham, Christina L $27,662.25

Greene, Daniel E $17,105.00

Gregory, Amy R $22,570.99

Grey, Howard M $208.00

Griffin, Barbara N $23,035.82

Griffin, Hannah E $26,919.00

Gruss, Floyd J $400.00

Gulling, Jordan G $300.00

Gulling, Mary E $750.00

Gulling, Mary E $26,763.35

Haddan, Penny D $38.46

Haddan, Penny D $25,032.62

Halcomb, Darlene M $2,064.00

Hall, Amy J $26,012.01

Hall, Kimberly A $7,080.49

Hamilton, Abby E $40,471.93

Hamilton, Kerry L $45,898.48

Hamner, Victoria J $175.00

Hannebaum, Melissa K $9,307.50

Hardwick, Michael $30,335.21

Harmon, William C $30,316.74

Harrell, David W $155.90

Harris, Christopher D $4,440.00

Harris, Connie L $26,276.78

Harris, Priscilla L $2,363.00

Harrison, David L $2,158.40

Harrison, Kevin B $47,808.85

Harshey, Dawn R $3,260.00

Harshey, Timber N $7,164.00

Hart, Carl W $780.00

Hart, Matthew M $32,348.38

Hash, Kathleen A $74,892.28

Haste, Kathy A $29,420.75

Haste, Kenneth D $37,540.30

Haveman, Mark A $32,522.91

Hawley, Nathan A $4,788.39

Hayes, Dorothy A $5,610.00

Hayes, Philip M $14,444.06

Haynes, Harold W $41,694.80

Heck, Joyce A $976.50

Heisinger, Michael T $47,785.89

Henry, Joshua W $23,909.45

Henry, Karen F $38,678.28

Henry, Robert S $5,085.92

Henson, Scott E $27,201.93

Henson, Scott E $57.69

Herrington, Rebecca J $28,643.63

Herrington, Tiara J $27,537.60

Hessman, Albert H $60,013.42

Heuchan, Joe W $2,751.88

Hickman, Caitlyn D $616.00

Higdon, James C $60,213.78

Higdon, James C $400.00

Higdon, Kyle B $24,095.22

Hill, Chelsay D $150.00

Hill, Chelsay D $480.00

Hill, Tammy S $27,759.60

Hilton, Jaclyn B $7,815.88

Hite, Amber J $1,668.00

Hogan, Kenneth L $36,157.56

Hollandbeck, Beverly A $5,015.00

Hollenbeck, Robert S $7,573.32

Homan, Jason J $28,865.47

Hood, Krista N $220.00

Horvath, Michael P $27,038.85

Housand, Kevin J $24,020.35

Houston, Kimberly A $7,084.00

Hughes, Richard B $24,540.00

Hughes, Richard B $20,421.45

Hughes, Tara N $2,175.39

Hughes, Tara N $30,838.80

Humbard, Tonya D $10,087.77

Inabnitt, Christopher K $28,120.68

Irwin, Beverly J $26,741.30

Jackson, Heidi L $9,460.00

Jackson, Isaac J $348.76

Jackson, Isaac J $1,178.62

Jackson, Janine M $65,405.64

Jackson, Janine M $9,229.50

Jackson, Jill L $4,800.00

Jackson, Jill L $49,747.65

Jackson, Jordan K $208.00

Jackson, Jordan K $32.00

Jackson, Sebert L $495.00

Janssen, Ann L $32,712.37

Jekel, Edward P $99.30

Jessen, Megan N $28,652.82

Johns, Paula D $35,708.48

Johnson, Barbara L $4,886.36

Johnson, Michael S $28,797.58

Johnson, Milton H $5,069.63

Johnson, Seth $33,270.07

Johnson, Teresa L $33,640.75

Johnson, William G $1,645.50

Johnson-King, Amanda L $26,010.02

Johnson-King, Amanda L $21,093.10

Johnston, Larry C $61,617.97

Jones, Christopher M $3,495.18

Jones, Christopher M $28,283.52

Jones, John R $29,256.19

Jones-Matthews, Brenda G $49,101.00

Julbert, Jonathan A $29,206.22

Julbert, Tina E $3,038.75

Julian, Patricia P $968.00

Kakavecos, Christopher $40,373.34

Kane, Nicholas D $19,060.00

Kane, Nicholas D $18,380.70

Katt, Damian J $46,140.70

Kean, Lori L $28,679.45

Kelly, Kacie L $759.37

Kelly, Karen L $31,354.20

Kelly, Robert M $28,519.61

Kelsay, Merrill O $450.00

Kermode, Steven T $21,340.85

Kermode, Steven T $23,620.85

Kersey, Jeremy L $42,401.10

Kiess, Jenna N $2,457.54

King, Renee K $15,225.02

King, Scott J $29,037.97

King, Scott J $20,421.45

Kinnett, Danielle N $44,276.95

Kirk, Allen D $70,978.08

Kirkham, James A $650.00

Kite, T. Ezra $20,097.36

Kite, Thomas A $22,630.50

Kite, Thomas A $500.00

Klem, Marcy J $30,367.70

Knowles, Anita M $7,565.15

Knox, Debra K $10,780.56

Kral, Thomas R $32,060.86

Krukemeier, Kate M $9,192.67

Krukemeier, Kate M $26,472.40

Krukemeier, Thomas L $52,904.50

LaFont, Debra K $3,824.00

LaFont, John C $30,946.89

Lam, Carlos F $64,910.98

Lam, Carlos F $2,500.00

Lamb, Christina L $27,284.48

Lamb, Joseph C $37,982.68

Lampert, Lori M $1,500.00

Lampert, Lori M $69,603.58

Lampert, Lori M $2,500.00

Lamphire, Lindsey A $13,225.79

Lancaster, Lisa $32,455.10

Lane, Kimberly G $15,795.16

Langdoc, Robert G $30,855.67

Lape, Gary L $41,011.57

Lape, Tina M $18,574.56

Lash, Derek E $27,037.55

Lasiter, Darrell L $31,057.18

Lasiter, Jared L $8,090.37

Lavery, Jeffrey J $25,766.26

Lawson, Devela $34,142.52

Layton, William S $1,554.04

Leap, Kimberly K $381.57

Lechner, Douglas K $450.00

Lechner, Douglas K $500.00

Lechner, Douglas K $54,437.92

Leser, Anna M $224.00

Linville, Kimberly L $30,287.10

Logan, Amanda S $891.27

Logan, Amanda S $25,897.62

Logan, Amanda S $807.09

Long, Erin M $1,323.62

Love, Steven B $41,572.84

Lowe, David L $29,393.92

Loyd, Ingrid R $26,306.93

Luttrell, Teresa J $27,512.11

Lutz, Craig A $600.00

Lutz, David L $20,126.55

Lykins, Maryjo H $40,097.77

Magill, Lynsie A $953.62

Magill, Lynsie A $29,561.25

Manchester, Alicia D $3,726.00

Mandel, Paula S $25,495.38

Mandel, Paula S $1,300.00

Marino, Frank V $28,642.32

Marsh, Robert E $29,147.78

Martin, Pamala $37,760.55

Massinon, Robin $45,154.67

Mastin, Lucas M $39,234.72

Matern, Tara M $30,699.90

Mathena, June A $27,560.70

Mathena, Kathleen A $24,643.15

Matherly, Beverly $1,795.00

Matthews, Jack A $12,061.52

Mattison, Christopher D $47,739.80

Mattox, Joyce E $30,411.75

Mays, Kathy E $23,465.80

Mays, Laverne D $24,563.57

Mays, Rex E $38,459.62

McCarty, Joshua C $7,565.15

McCoy, Grant M $4,372.50

McElwain, Michael L $29,287.05

McGinnis, Judith A $25,430.42

McGinnis, Kevin J $550.00

McIntire, Donna C $28,643.63

McIntosh, Shawn P $75.00

McIntosh, Tammy J $2,615.25

McKnight, Darlene $39,258.12

McLaughlin, Amy L $33,976.78

McLaughlin, Ian T $639.37

McLaughlin, Taylor J $2,410.00

McLaughlin, Terrance M $112,919.40

McLaughlin, Tevis G $47,327.05

McLaughlin, Trena M $40,410.88

McManus, Daniel J $9,429.05

Meadows, Paula J $30,699.90

Meagher, Danny M $5,142.72

Meece, Jeffrey A $37,861.66

Menze, Christie A $41,567.28

Menze, Christie A $912.50

Merrick, Steven A $42,641.21

Merriman, Richard T $42,210.08

Meyers, Connie S $53.35

Meyers, Connie S $3,215.25

Meyers, Connie S $18,552.47

Meyers, Lori L $39,404.02

Meyers, Lori L $4,067.98

Michelfelder, Charlotte M $2,830.50

Miller, Aaron K $21,797.25

Miller, Benjamin R $31,672.09

Miller, Brian J $8,536.16

Miller, Christine R $2,156.24

Miller, Gary L $30,147.19

Miller, Jason L $45,705.20

Miller, Jessica J $31,172.88

Miller, Marian K $28,322.45

Miller, Robert S $600.00

Miller, Suzanne $7,114.38

Miller, Suzanne $4,615.22

Miller, Suzanne $58,822.72

Minard, Betty J $13,380.25

Misiniec, Sue A $49,698.78

Mitchell, Gary W $23,664.72

Mobley, Chelsi L $148.00

Mobley, Chelsi L $1,292.00

Montalvo, Dajana G $29,397.10

Montgomery, Brian L $35,375.69

Montgomery, Judith C $31,778.62

Montgomery, Terri L $29,495.18

Montgomery, Troy J $45,619.70

Moore, Angela J $9,827.41

Moore, Betty L $33,899.30

Moore, Carl E $6,338.07

Moore, Kelly K $12,890.62

Moore, Kelly K $13,640.62

Moorman, Craig A $22,700.77

Moorman, Craig A $3,055.00

Morgan, Gloria D $25,129.92

Morris, Angela C $11,835.68

Morris, Angela C $30,985.60

Mudd, Elizabeth A $1,356.10

Mudd, Elizabeth A $41,002.77

Mullins, Jeff L $39,745.23

Mumford, Jeffrey D $528.00

Mumford, Jeffrey D $8,314.83

Murphy, Charles W $46,432.99

Murphy, Phillip M $50,474.16

Murray, Christine $25,208.27

Murray, Karen L $30,660.97

Murray, Michelle L $19,528.60

Murray, Michelle L $20,403.60

Murray, Michelle L $2,485.20

Musun-Miller, Anna E $22,015.14

Myers, Cynthia $1,500.00

Myers, Cynthia $29,715.20

Myers, Earl N $6,001.00

Nally, Havana J $2,620.00

Nally, Trina J $600.00

Napier, Jerry L $34,938.90

Neitzel, Dora M $1,280.00

Nelson, Carrie A $41,760.87

Nelson, Gregory P $5,907.52

Nelson, Gregory P $51.28

Nevins (Wilson), Jennifer M $4,388.51

Nibarger, Steven E $48,010.72

Nichalson, Terry L $49,393.58

Nichols, Andrew J $27,916.65

Nichols, Rhonda L $28,671.61

Nickols, Lydia P $23,626.60

Nickols, Lydia P $21,334.52

Noblitt, Lucille M $24,978.98

Norris, Robert A $59,324.10

Norton, John A $450.00

Nuetzmann, Daniel J $42,840.43

O’Rourke, John W $42,439.30

O’Rourke, Malinda A $32,429.10

Ogara, Charles M $2,872.70

Ogara, Charles M $32,429.03

Olson, Matthew A $46,327.68

Pacek, Vonda G $30,178.29

Paddack, William F $350.00

Palmer, Katrina M $30,699.90

Park, Michael D $26,576.68

Park, Pamella J $22,327.35

Parmer, Shelby D $1,246.00

Parr, Nancy G $48,536.95

Parsley, Marilyn K $26,141.98

Pate, Brandon L $42,573.01

Pauszek, Michael E $250.00

Payne, Patricia M $1,636.00

Pease, James L $300.00

Pease, Randall L $41,021.95

Pease, Randall L $1,025.00

Pelham, Michael P $34,948.72

Pelham, Michael P $36,027.53

Pendleton, Sandra $33,949.75

Pendleton, Sandra $1,876.50

Perkins, Randall E $36,705.72

Peters, Sharon L $31,778.62

Petroskey, Heather L $59.71

Petroskey, Heather L $25,510.20

Petty, Mary A $25,525.22

Pfaffenberger, Dana M $34,017.39

Pfifer, Clark A $320.61

Pfifer, Deborah J $31,693.16

Pfifer, Grant A $1,070.00

Pfifer, Grant A $152.00

Pfifer, Joan R $34,968.23

Pfifer, Pamella H $29,320.80

Pfifer, Richard $7,977.49

Pfifer, Richard $13,866.82

Pfifer, William P $48,567.16

Phelps, Dawn D $762.79

Phelps, Paul E $26,771.32

Phillips, Carolyn J $287.50

Phillips, Debra A $40,442.00

Philpot, Adam J $33,997.01

Pi, Christina A $4,047.50

Pi, Christina A $5,503.65

Piccione, Janice E $31,805.93

Pickett, Jerry L $54,855.40

Pierle, Patricia A $29,056.94

Pinnick, Jennifer M $54,990.20

Pinnick, Jennifer M $1,500.00

Pinnick, Jennifer M $4,422.00

Pitts, Carrie L $25,783.25

Podrasky, Carolyn A $15,668.64

Pohl, Bryan W $19,200.80

Price, John L $25,198.80

Province II, William D $200.00

Purtlebaugh, Michael D $1,240.22

Rainwater, Gwendolyn M $17,242.50

Ramirez, Nancy $1,584.00

Ransdell, Rebecca D $31,268.00

Rapp, Cynthia S $2,402.00

Rash, Kyle D $25,424.55

Rautio, Scott D $42,401.10

Reed, Amy M $15,769.55

Reese, Gary C $40,650.87

Reese, Vicki L $35,934.24

Reinacker, Jared D $21,511.83

Reinacker, Jared D $5,419.19

Reinacker, Paula J $31,786.20

Ressino, Melissa A $34,671.92

Reynolds, Connie S $500.00

Reynolds, Connie S $28,283.52

Reynolds, Jesslyn J $25,663.14

Rhinehart, Matthew A $49,577.47

Rhoades, Doris E $25,962.42

Rhoades, Jayme E $2,340.00

Richards, Brenda R $150.00

Richards, Danny D $30,956.96

Richards, Lindsey D $1,840.00

Richardson, Michael L $31,524.14

Richhart, Janice D $50,577.15

Richter, Shawn E $4,888.00

Riddle, Peggy D $24,359.70

Ridge, Michael W $537.54

Riley, Amy E $7,785.37

Riley, Amy E $5,545.00

Riley, Mark P $30,367.39

Risley, Theresa J $25,432.50

Roberts Jr, Charles L $5,542.63

Roberts, Kyle J $31,853.10

Roberts, Paula $113.56

Roberts, Paula $35,467.23

Roberts, Paula $131.75

Roberts, Paula $3,748.50

Robinson, Christopher W $1,075.00

Robinson, Marsha $30,805.05

Rogers, Georgenia $39,531.48

Rogier, Michael $46,623.77

Rooks, Miriam A $28,601.93

Root, Aaron M $28,674.48

Rose, Ashley M $26,594.35

Ruiz-Lough, Eva $25,491.32

Runnebohm, Susan M $25,783.25

Russell, Charles L $33,949.75

Russell, Lindsay $3,589.94

Russell, Rebecca E $32,147.83

Russell, Zachary A $28,602.88

Ryker, Rosalee $3,894.75

Rynerson, Brad S $27,367.04

Sanders, Jordan L $27,021.72

Sandlin, Tanner L $456.00

Sayler, Joseph M $2,655.30

Sayler, Joseph M $54,888.42

Saylor, M. Colleen $9,356.52

Saylor, M. Colleen $46,193.80

Schaeffer, Brian E $43,499.40

Scheckles, Suzette $25,419.00

Scheckles, Suzette $1,500.00

Schiller, Renee C $30,263.73

Schlegel, Sally A $4,504.00

Schlosser, Anton H $34,915.52

Schmidt, Joseph J $44,313.72

Schultz, Elizabeth I $38,087.62

Scott, Logan R $3,132.00

Seacat, Tammy A $28,621.57

Seagraves, Christie A $51.73

Seagraves, Christie A $25,071.88

Seet, Robert C $72,283.97

Service Jr, Robert D $41,817.82

Service, Robert K $617.32

Sexton, Kathy $43,950.62

Sexton, Robert A $50,118.53

Shafer, Barbara J $20,692.36

Shaw, Aaron M $51,940.20

Shelton, Bonnie J $40,891.65

Shireman, Misty D $30,608.96

Shireman, Ronald E $28,304.08

Shoemaker Hill, Ashley M $13,464.96

Shoemaker Hill, Ashley M $10,287.00

Shofner, Roy M $5,983.32

Shoup, Joann $5,992.50

Sichting, Amber N $4,057.95

Sichting, Amber N $24,225.58

Sichting, Ronald J $400.00

Sichting, Stephanie J $28,885.13

Sievertson, Rita E $47,942.68

Simpson, Patricia L $427.50

Simpson, Patricia L $12,183.59

Sipe, Donna S $2,860.52

Sipe, Donna S $62,772.72

Sipes, Natasha L $30,451.66

Sipes, Nicholas $30,792.52

Skaggs, Richard E $44,138.85

Skipper, Brian A $34,409.08

Skipper, Jamie L $8,372.18

Slaughter, Alisha S $10,187.50

Slaughter, Alisha S $27,591.00

Small, George $200.00

Smith II, Robert G $41,567.28

Smith II, Robert G $1,025.00

Smith, Andrea L $24,963.38

Smith, Andy P $18,430.32

Smith, Andy P $18,534.81

Smith, Kyle A $31,163.44

Smith, Lillian $28,175.59

Smith, Tracy L $47,763.58

Smith, Wesley J $32,307.33

Smither, Megan A $1,582.50

Snider, Cheryl L $27,173.35

Snider, Cheryl L $189.00

Soelter, Anthony B $28,366.32

Soelter, Anthony B $21,093.10

Southers, Kimberly D $28,696.30

Spiece, Holly A $10,638.62

Spiece, Holly A $5,028.22

Spivey, Randall $31,168.63

Stack, Maria G $45,699.28

Stearns, Sharon $26,961.23

Stenger, Michelle R $36,282.24

Stephens, Karlyn K $34,518.25

Stevens, June L $207.50

Stevens, Rachel L $26,437.25

Stevenson, Kyle R $28,090.65

Stewart, Elaine R $371.25

Stocker, Fairleigh T $30,745.52

Stockton, Kay L $29,662.18

Stoltz, Kathy L $92.25

Streeval, Nellie K $27,089.09

Stropes, Steven J $250.00

Stucker, Barton A $30,222.86

Sullivan, Mary L $7,738.74

Sullivan, Sandra K $18,429.58

Summers, William J $28,727.08

Sutton Jr, Forrest E $44,836.73

Sutton, Carla J $29,825.75

Sutton, Geoffrey S $130.00

Swails, Shannon L $28,602.88

Swanberg, Carly D $4,205.00

Swanberg, Carly D $6,552.50

Swanberg, Jayme L $30,724.90

Swearingen, Elizabeth A $1,137.50

Swearingen, Elizabeth A $1,025.00

Swearingen, Elizabeth A $1,662.50

Swearingen, Elizabeth A $1,812.50

Swearingen, Elizabeth A $38,087.62

Swearingen, Elizabeth A $1,787.50

Swinehamer, Debra J $300.00

Swinehamer, Robert J $780.00

Swint, Kenneth L $43,645.05

Tagliaferi, David J $29,182.21

Talley, Alexander B $43,105.26

Talley, Eric C $30,849.55

Talley, Linda K $11,440.00

Tames, Brandi N $28,770.51

Tandy, Rachel L $3,575.00

Tandy, Richard L $4,992.68

Tarr, Karen A $29,757.45

Tarr, Miranda J $24,817.52

Tasich, Christine A $61.58

Tasich, Christine A $29,030.10

Taylor, Jacob G $8,660.70

Teeters, Russell W $36,157.09

Teets, Eddy M $250.00

Terhune, Amber L $42,375.45

Terhune, Amber L $1,137.50

Thomas, Cara J $992.07

Thomas, Madison $26,323.84

Thompson, Amy A $33,651.83

Thompson, Lisa L $25,783.25

Thomson, Carrie E $1,595.00

Thomson, Carrie E $160.00

Tielking III, Christian H $31,412.98

Titara, Heather R $33,949.75

Todd, Brenda K $24,907.80

Tomey, Daniel J $40,113.77

Torrance, Laurie A $31,799.58

Torrance, Lora J $32,911.95

Townsend, Janet S $12,168.75

Tunitis, Matthew E $26,928.97

Tworek, Angelia K $725.57

Tworek, Angelia K $22,123.88

Tworek, Angelia K $98.07

Ullrich, Mary E $1,682.50

Umbarger, Bradley M $36,471.34

Unger, Brandy J $26,964.41

Vandegriff, Gary L $33,569.61

Vandegriff, Gary L $7,408.53

Vandegriff, Gary L $21,448.33

Vanek, Lisa K $32,840.00

Vanek, Lisa K $2,994.83

Vansickle, Jessica M $26,352.42

Vanwinkle, Melissa J $490.00

Vanwinkle, Melissa J $605.00

Vanwinkle, Melissa J $6,912.50

Vercauteren, Patrick J $550.00

Villanueva, Joseph M $2,500.00

Voris, Brandi L $30,449.43

Walker, Lori L $26,523.20

Walker, William B $7,565.15

Walker, William F $650.00

Walters, David L $45,897.43

Waltz, Paula S $14,819.02

Wampler, Susan $27,284.48

Wampler, Travis J $44,417.46

Warner, Delilah G $30,805.05

Warner, Jennifer L $493.75

Warner, Jennifer L $1,893.75

Warner, Jennifer L $231.25

Warner, Jennifer L $1,525.00

Warner, Jennifer L $10,587.51

Watkins, Michael S $41,244.92

Watson, Donald M $3,951.32

Watson, Donald M $1,295.26

Watson, Heather S $42,745.84

Watt, Michael C $40,276.11

Wayman, Susan S $1,627.73

Weaver, Robert H $500.00

Weddle, Melvin R $600.00

Welliver, Daylon L $16,572.70

Welliver, Daylon L $16,457.08

Wells, Khristal J $6,939.47

Werden, Kip B $17,019.04

Werden, Kip B $16,630.71

Werden, Linda L $33,020.68

Werden, Randy E $57,652.54

West, Melissa A $5,455.00

West, Ronald H $7,565.15

Wethington, Susan A $3,693.75

Wethington, Terry K $30,484.91

Wethington, William G $2,264.04

Wheeler, Michael S $23,156.29

White, Aaron J $31,592.50

White, Carol J $70.06

White, Carol J $33,259.01

White, Rusti B $26,800.58

White, Timothy J $34,599.31

White, Xavier $33,864.52

Wienhorst, Jason B $43,289.28

Wildman, Reagan B $1,033.78

Wildman, Reagan B $28,500.29

Wildman, Reagan B $516.89

Wildmone, William F $1,675.00

Wilham, Barbara M $56.48

Wilham, Barbara M $26,784.61

Wilham, Jeffrey R $26,082.42

Wilkerson, Geoffrey A $3,993.75

Wilkerson, John $43,005.50

Wilkinson, Michael W $31,725.93

Willey, Marsha J $37,026.32

Willey, Robert E $32,097.49

Williams, David C $31,570.23

Williams, Jearline $14,725.09

Williams, Rodney D $323.62

Williamson, Melisa L $27,487.34

Wilson, Christopher G $1,861.88

Wilson, Perry $47,912.38

Wilson, Tracy R $6,660.00

Winteregg, Cynthia L $851.62

Winteregg, Cynthia L $2,394.00

Winteregg, Cynthia L $175.50

Wiser, Angel J $31,155.52

Wiser, Lewis M $29,994.56

Witherington, Jeremy J $45,980.30

Withers, William J $32,019.30

Witt, Steve R $352.00

Wolfe, Bryan E $1,307.68

Wood, Lynette A $3,884.30

Woodcock, Amanda M $2,475.00

Woodlee, Heather L $28,667.62

Woollen, Taylor $28,602.88

Wooten, Nathan E $28,961.09

Workman, Amanda J $4,203.75

Wray, Steve D $46,443.38

Young, Anne M $735.75

Young, Brian L $97.50

Young, Larra M $27,992.98

Zelner, Donna $17,546.82

Johnson County Auditor, Janice D. Richhart

G11010 1/26




Band Room Renovation



A. Notice is hereby given that sealed Bids for the Renovation of the current Middle School Multipurpose Room into a Band Room will be received at:

1. Greenwood Community School Corporation Administration Building, 605 Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, IN 46142

B. Bids will be received until:

1. February 22, 2011 at 10:00 am

2. Bids received after that time will be returned unopened. Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

C. Work shall be performed under one Unified Contract.

D. Bids shall be submitted on forms provided in this Project Manual.

E. Bids shall be executed in accordance with Indiana Board of Accounts Form No. 96 (Current Revision) - "Contractor’s Bid for Public Works" (available at:, with a financial statement complying with Section III of Form No. 96, Supplemental Bid Form (Document 004113), a satisfactory Bid Bond, or certified check pursuant to I.C. 36-1-12-4.5, payable to:

1. Greenwood Community School Corporation

F. Bid Security shall be in the amount of not less than five percent (5%) of the total price and delivered in a sealed envelope showing the Bidder’s name and address.

G. Bid shall be delivered in a sealed envelope plainly labeled to indicate the following:

1. Addressed to:

a. Greenwood Community School Corporation

b. Band Room Renovation

2. The name and return address of the Bidder.

H. Should a successful Bidder withdraw the Bid, or fail to execute a satisfactory Contract, the Owner may then declare the Bid deposit forfeited as liquidated damages.

I. Construction shall be in full accord with Drawings and Specifications. Bid Documents are obtainable from the printing company listed below for a deposit of $50 /set which will be refunded when documents are returned in good condition, within seven (7) days after the bid opening. There is a limit of three (3) sets per Bidder, one (1) set per sub bidder and supplier, under the refundable policy. Additional sets may be purchased at non-refundable printing costs. A non-refundable fee will be added for postage when necessary. Electronic media of the Drawings and Specifications is available to plan-holders (only) from the same printing company for a non-refundable fee. Signed agreement of an Electronic Media Waiver Form is required.

1. Repro Graphix

a. 437 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

b. Phone: 317-637-3377 / FAX: 317-637-3415


J. Bid Documents may be examined by prospective Bidders at the following locations:

1. McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge

a. 8900 Keystone Crossing, Suite 540, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

b. Phone: (317) 817-9110 / Fax: (317) 571-8201

2. Reed Construction Data

a. 30 Technology Parkway S, Suite 100, Norcross, GA 30092

b. Phone: 800-424-3996


3. BX Indiana / Construction League

a. 1200 South Madison Avenue, Suite LL20, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

b. Phone: (317) 423-7080 / Fax: (317) 423-7094

K. The Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid, to waive any informalities or errors in bidding for a period of sixty (60) days after the Bid opening.

L. Bidder receiving the award shall furnish an approved one hundred ten percent (110%) Performance Bond and a one hundred ten percent (110%) Labor and Materials Payment Bond which cover faithful performance of the Contract and the payment of all obligations arising thereunder. Said bonds shall remain in full force and effect for twelve (12) months from the date of acceptance of the Work.

M. Wage rates shall not be less than those in the Project Manual, and not less than those on file in the Owner’s office, which can be seen upon request. Pursuant to Davis Bacon Act it will be necessary for the Bidder receiving the award to file with the Owner a wage schedule of the wages to be paid to the laborers, workmen, or mechanics performing Work on the Project.

N. The Contract to which the Owner will be a party will contain a provision prohibiting the other party to the Contract, and their subcontractors, from engaging in employment practice that constitutes a discrimination against a person because of the person’s race, color, sex, religion, national origin or ancestry. The Contractor shall provide an affidavit with each billing, assuring the Owner that this provision has not been violated.

O. Where trade names, brand names, or manufacturers’ names are used in this Project Manual, it is for the purpose of establishing kind and quality and not for the purpose of limiting competition. Bidders may offer items or materials equal in quality and having the same durability and efficiency if the Bidder first receives written approval from the Architect/Engineer prior to the date/time of the Bid opening and complying with requirements indicated in Document 002113, "Instructions To Bidders". The Bidder shall identify such substitutions by name, kind, and type with the Bid.

P. A Pre-Bid meeting and tour is scheduled for:

1. Date: February 8, 2011

2. Time: 3:30 pm

3. Place: Greenwood Middle School

G11011 1/26, 2/2



$1,000,000 taxable GENERAL


(qualified school construction bonds – direct payment)


Upon not less than twenty-four (24) hours notice given by the undersigned Secretary prior to the ninetieth day after this notice is first published, Greenwood Community School Corporation (the "School Corporation") will receive and consider bids for the purchase of the following described Bonds. Any person interested in submitting a bid for the Bonds must furnish in writing to the Greenwood Community School Corporation c/o Educational Services Company, 3535 East 96th Street, Suite 126, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240; (317) 818-3535, (317) 818-3533 (facsimile) or by e-mail to tggrabill on or before 9:00 a.m. (Indianapolis Time) February 9, 2011, the person’s name, address, and telephone number. Interested persons may also furnish an e-mail address. The undersigned Secretary will notify (or cause to be notified) each person so registered of the date and time bids will be received not less than twenty-four (24) hours before the date and time of sale. The notification shall be made by telephone at the number furnished by such person and also by electronic e-mail, if an e-mail address has been received.

At the time designated for the sale, the School Corporation will receive at the offices of Educational Services Company, 3535 East 96th Street, Suite 126, Indianapolis, Indiana, and consider bids for the purchase of the following described Bonds:

Taxable General Obligation Bonds of 2011 (Qualified School Construction Bonds – Direct Payment) (the "Bonds") of the School Corporation, an Indiana political subdivision, in the principal amount of $1,000,000; Fully registered form; Denomination $5,000 and integral multiples thereof; Originally dated the date of delivery of the Bonds; Bearing interest at a rate or rates to be determined by bidding, payable on July 15, 2011, and semiannually thereafter; These Bonds will be initially issued in a Book Entry System (as defined in the Bond Resolution). Interest payable by check mailed one business day prior to the interest payment date or by wire transfer to depositories on the interest payment date to the person or depository in whose name each Bond is registered with the Registrar on the fifteenth day immediately preceding such interest payment date; Maturing or subject to mandatory redemption on January 15 and July 15, beginning July 15, 2015 through no later than January 15, 2017, on the dates and amounts as provided by the School Corporation prior to the sale.

The Bonds are not subject to redemption prior to maturity, except as described below.

The Bonds are subject to extraordinary mandatory redemption, in whole or in part, three years from the date the Bonds are issued, or, on the date agreed to in the event of an extension negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service at par, in denominations of $5,000, at a redemption price equal to the principal amount of the Bonds called for redemption, plus accrued interest to the date of redemption, in an amount equal to the unexpended proceeds of the Bonds held by the School Corporation, but only to the extent that the School Corporation fails to expend all of the proceeds of the Bonds within three years of issuance thereof and no extension of the period for expenditure has been granted by the Internal Revenue Service.

Upon a Determination of Loss of Qualified School Construction Bond Status, the Bonds shall be subject to extraordinary optional redemption prior to their fixed maturity date, in whole or in part, on the date designated by the School Corporation, after any determination or event which results in a reduction or elimination of any Interest Subsidy Payment which would otherwise be due to the School Corporation at a price as described in the Final Bond Resolution.

In the case of any redemption, 30 days’ notice will be given by mail to the registered owners of the Bonds to be redeemed, and accrued interest will be paid to the date fixed for redemption. Interest on the Bonds so called for redemption will cease on the redemption date fixed in said notice if funds are available at the place of redemption to redeem the Bonds so called on the date fixed in said notice, or thereafter when presented for payment.

A bid may designate that a given maturity or maturities shall constitute a term bond, and the semi-annual amounts set forth in the schedule provided prior to the sale shall constitute the mandatory sinking fund redemption requirements for such term bond or bonds. For purposes of computing net interest cost, the mandatory redemption amounts shall be treated as maturing on the dates set forth in the schedule provided prior to the sale.

Each bid must be for all of the Bonds and must state the rate of interest which each maturity of the Bonds is to bear, stated in multiples of 1/8th or 1/20th of 1%. The maximum interest rate of the Bonds shall not exceed 7.00% per annum. All Bonds maturing on the same date shall bear the same rate, and the rate of interest bid for each maturity must be equal to or greater than the rate bid on the immediately preceding maturity. If the Bonds are reoffered they must be sold at par, and the successful bidder will be requested to certify such reoffering price at closing. Bids shall set out the total amount of interest payable over the term of the Bonds and the net interest cost on the Bonds covered by the bid. No bid for less than 98% of the face value of the Bonds will be considered. The Bonds will be awarded to the highest qualified bidder who has submitted a bid in accordance herewith. The highest qualified bidder will be the one who offers the lowest net interest cost to the School Corporation, to be determined by computing the total interest on all of the Bonds to their maturities based upon the schedule provided by the School Corporation prior to the sale and deducting therefrom the premium bid, if any, and adding thereto the discount bid, if any. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. If an acceptable bid is not received for the Bonds on the date of sale hereinbefore fixed, the sale may be continued from day to day thereafter, during which time no bids for less than the highest bid received at the time of the advertised sale will be considered. No conditional bids will be considered.

Each bid sent by mail must be enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed to the School Corporation c/o Educational Services Company and marked on the outside "Bid for Taxable General Obligation Bonds of 2011 (Qualified School Construction Bonds – Direct Payment)". A good faith deposit ("Deposit") in the form of cash or certified or cashier’s check in the amount of $10,000 payable to the order of the School Corporation is required to be submitted by the successful purchaser (the "Purchaser") not later than 3:30 p.m. (EST) on the next business day following the award. If such Deposit is not received by that time, the School Corporation may reject the bid. No interest on the Deposit will accrue to the Purchaser. The Deposit will be applied to the purchase price of the Bonds. In the event the Purchaser fails to honor its accepted bid, the Deposit will be retained by the School Corporation as liquidated damages.

The successful bidder shall make payment to the bank selected as registrar (the "Registrar") for the Bonds and accept delivery thereof from the Registrar within five days after being notified that the Bonds are ready for delivery, at such place in the City of Indianapolis, Indiana, as the successful bidder may designate. The Bonds will be ready for delivery within 45 days after the date of sale. If the School Corporation fails to have the Bonds ready for delivery prior to the close of banking hours on the forty-fifth day after the date of sale, the bidder may secure the release of his bid upon request in writing, filed with the School Corporation. The successful bidder is expected to apply to a securities depository registered with the SEC to make such Bonds depository-eligible. At the time of delivery of the Bonds to the successful bidder, the bidder will be required to certify to the School Corporation the initial reoffering price to the public of a substantial amount of each maturity of the Bonds.

It is anticipated that CUSIP identification numbers will be printed on the Bonds, but neither the failure to print such numbers on any Bond nor any error with respect thereto shall constitute cause for failure or refusal by the successful bidder therefor to accept delivery of and pay for the Bonds in accordance with the terms of its proposal. No CUSIP identification number shall be deemed to be a part of any Bond or a part of the contract evidenced thereby and no liability shall hereafter attach to the School Corporation or any of its officers or agents because of or on account of such numbers. All expenses in relation to the printing of CUSIP identification numbers on the Bonds shall be paid for by the School Corporation; provided, however, that the CUSIP Service Bureau charge for the assignment of said numbers shall be the responsibility of and shall be paid for by the Purchaser. The Purchaser will also be responsible for any other fees or expenses it incurs in connection with the resale of the Bonds.

The approving opinion of Ice Miller LLP, bond counsel of Indianapolis, Indiana, together with a transcript of the proceedings relating to the issuance of the Bonds and closing papers in the usual form showing no litigation questioning the validity of the Bonds, will be furnished to the successful bidder at the expense of the School Corporation.

The Bonds are being issued for the purpose to pay the cost of renovation of and improvements to Greenwood Middle School, and will be direct obligations of the School Corporation payable out of ad valorem taxes to be collected on the taxable property within the School Corporation; however, the School Corporation’s collection of the levy may be limited by operation of I.C. 6-1.1-20.6, which provides taxpayers with tax credits for property taxes attributable to different classes of property in an amount that exceeds certain percentages of the gross assessed value of that property. The School Corporation is required by law to fully fund the payment of debt service on the Bonds in an amount sufficient to pay the debt service, regardless of any reduction in property tax collections due to the application of such tax credits. The School Corporation may not be able to levy or collect additional property taxes to make up this short fall. Greenwood Community School Corporation is a school corporation organized pursuant to the provisions of I.C. 20-4, and the Bonds will not be "private activity bonds" as defined in Section 141 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

The Bonds constitute an indebtedness only of the Corporation. The Bonds are "Qualified School Construction Bonds" as such term is defined in Section 54F of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code"). The School Corporation has irrevocably elected to designate the Bonds as "Specified Tax Credit Bonds" within the meaning of Section 6431(f) of the Code. As a result of such election, the Bonds will bear interest at the rates provided therein and will not provide a tax credit to the owners thereof. The interest paid on the Bonds is NOT excluded from gross income for federal income tax purposes. The School Corporation has elected, pursuant to Section 54AA(g) and 6431 of the Code, to receive a refundable credit (the "Refundable Credits" or "Interest Subsidy Payments") equal to the lesser of: (i) one hundred percent (100%) of the stated interest payable on each interest payment date, or (ii) the amount of interest which would have been payable on the bond on such date if such interest rate were equal to the applicable credit rate determined under Section 54A(b)(3) of the Code.

The School Corporation has prepared a preliminary official statement relating to the Bonds which it has deemed to be a nearly final official statement. A copy of the Preliminary Official Statement may be obtained in limited quantities prior to submission of a bid by request from the School Corporation’s financial advisor. Within seven (7) business days of the sale, the School Corporation will provide the successful bidder with 20 copies of the final official statement at the School Corporation’s expense. Additional copies, at the purchaser’s expense, must be requested within five (5) business days of the sale. Inquiries concerning matters contained in the nearly final official statement must be made and pricing and other information necessary to complete the final Official Statement must be submitted by the successful bidder within two (2) business days following the sale to be included in the final official statement.

The School Corporation has agreed to enter into a Continuing Disclosure Undertaking in order to permit the successful purchaser to comply with the SEC Rule 15(c)2-12. A copy of such Agreement is available from the School Corporation or financial advisor at the addresses below.

Further information relative to said issue and a copy of the nearly final official statement may be obtained upon application to Educational Services Company, 3535 East 96th Street, Suite 126, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240, financial advisor to the School Corporation; Joyce Nies, Esq., Van Valer Law Firm, 299 West Main Street, Greenwood, Indiana 46142, attorney for the School Corporation; or Dr. David Edds, Superintendent, Greenwood Community School Corporation, 605 West Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, Indiana 46142. If bids are submitted by mail, they should be addressed to the School Corporation, attention of Dr. David Edds, Superintendent, Greenwood Community School Corporation, 605 West Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, Indiana 46142

Dated this 26th day of January, 2011.

Shirley Roscoe

Secretary, Board of School Trustees

Greenwood Community School Corporation

G11012 1/26, 2/2


Public Notice

Per IC 6-1.1-28.6

The Johnson County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals will be in session between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm in the lower level conference room of the County Annex at 86 West Court Street, Franklin, Indiana. The Board will conduct scheduled hearings on appeals filed by taxpayers on the following dates:


15 and 16, 2011

Mark Alexander

Johnson County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals, Secretary

G11013 1/26


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